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CAGIS Virtual

Have fun every week with a STEM expert!

CAGIS Virtual brings STEM (science, technology, trades, engineering, and mathematics) into your home in these fun, live sessions led by real experts and a CAGIS instructor! Each session includes an introduction to the topic, a hands-on or virtual activity, and time for questions at the end. 

Sessions occur on Saturdays at the following times:

Ages 7-12: 8 am Pacific • 9 am Mountain • 10 am Central • 11 am Eastern • 12 pm Atlantic

Ages 11-16: 10 am Pacific • 11 am Mountain • 12 pm Central • 1 pm Eastern • 2 pm Atlantic 

Sessions are free for CAGIS Virtual members and open to non-members for $16 per session. Registration opens to members before the general public.

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Membership: $200 per year; $50 per sibling per year

Membership lasts for one full year from the date of purchase. You can buy a membership at any time of year and you will receive a full year of programming.

  • Includes invitations to 26-28 online events per year (Sept-June)
  • Weekly events take place on Saturdays at 11 am ET (ages 7-12) and 1 pm ET (ages 11-16)
  • Each event is 1 hour
  • Events are led by a STEM expert and include an introduction, a hands-on activity, and time for questions at the end
  • CAGIS is for girls and gender diverse youth ages 7 to 16​

Combined Membership: $250 per year 

Can’t get enough STEM? This is the membership for you! Enjoy all the benefits of a Chapter membership and a CAGIS Virtual membership at a discounted price (total savings of $15)!

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Experiment, build, explore, and invent! 

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CAGIS Virtual Gift Packages are available as:
a single session - $16
a discounted pack of four sessions - $55

Past Events Have Included

Floating 3D Images

Do you believe in ghosts? What about ghosts created with math? We created different projections that, combined, created a 3D image floating in the air.

Plant Doctors

Have you ever had a stuffy nose or cough? Those are signs that you’re feeling sick, but how can you tell when a plant is sick? Together, we became plant doctors – or plant pathologists – and diagnosed sick plants.

CAGIS STEM session for kids on aviation

Flying By Instruments

Have you seen an airplane cockpit and wondered about all the information on the panel? Aircraft pilots rely on these instruments! Together, we flew a flight simulator and used instruments to pilot a plane in bad weather!

Girl sitting in a solar race car

Sweet Science of Fudge

Are you ready to indulge in the delicious world of fudge-making? There’s a lot of chemistry involved in the science of sugary treats. Together, we used science to make fudge!

Modelling Nuclear Physics with M&M’s

Have you ever wondered how scientists determine the age of a fossil or ancient relic? The secret is at the heart of an atom!

Jiggling Gels: Halloween Concoctions

Ewww… what’s that slippery stuff?! Halloween is a time to explore hygroscopic substances that are slimy, slippery, and sticky.

Clouds in a Jar

Did you know that clouds are not weightless? We made clouds in jars, learning about the science of clouds, and discussing how clouds affect the aviation industry.

dancer in motion in photograph

Movies, TV, and Apparent Motion

Phenakistoscopes are one of the earliest animation devices. We built our own phenakistoscopes and explored the mind-bending secrets of apparent motion.

If you would like to join CAGIS but cannot because of financial hardship, please visit this form to request waived membership fees.