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CAGIS is Canada's largest and longest-running STEM Club for girls and gender diverse youth!

We take STEM out of the classroom with field trips, adventures, and fun, hands-on activities.

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Close your eyes and picture a scientist. What do you see?

The most common description among school children is an old White man with messy hair, glasses, and a lab coat. Children are inundated with stereotypical portrayals of STEM professionals in the media and society. These stereotypes can influence interest in entering STEM fields among students who don't see themselves represented.

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CAGIS uses a variety of elements that have been demonstrated by research to engage under-represented groups in STEM. We take a multi-faceted approach that includes making STEM fun and hands-on, going behind-the-scenes into real STEM locations, providing non-stereotyped role models, and exposing youth to a diversity of STEM topics.

What we achieved so far!

99% of participants would recommend CAGIS Virtual to a friend

94% of alum survey respondents are currently studying or working in STEM

12,000+ interactions with youth per year

150+ STEM events per year

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CAGIS Financial Sustainability and Funding Diversification is funded by the Government of Canada under the Community Services Recovery Fund.
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