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Teen Ambassadors Application Tips

You're interested in the CAGIS Teen Ambassadors program! So, how do you get in?

We don’t have enough space for all applicants, so use the tips below to submit your best application possible.
Help us get to know you
Use the application questions to tell us your story.  You don’t need to be the top student in your grade or have a long list of awards (if this is you, that’s great too)!  Strong applications will give us a sense of who you are and why this program is important to you.
Put effort into your application
It’s hard for us to get to know you with very short responses to questions.  Applicants who submit responses that are a short paragraph in length may not be providing us with enough information.  Put thought and effort into your responses.  This could mean telling us a story about an experience in your life, telling us about how you discovered your favourite STEM subject, or describing what you hope to get out of the program.
Go above and beyond
Applicants who go above and beyond are showing us that this opportunity is important to them and that they are keen to be active participants in the program!  Applicants have gone above and beyond in many ways, including putting extra thought into their written responses, submitting a link to an application video, submitting a link to an application website, submitting a link to a STEM drawing they created, and more.