Canadian Association for Girls in Science launches Off Limits: Breeding Bees ahead of Earth Day 2023

Follow host, Dr. Larissa, as she learns how scientists are trying to save our rapidly declining bumble bee populations from vanishing

April 12, 2023 (Toronto, ON) – The Canadian Association for Girls in Science (CAGIS) is thrilled to launch Off Limits: Breeding Bees just in time for Earth Day, celebrated globally on April 22 every year. This new video takes viewers behind the scenes with scientist host, Dr. Larissa, and Wildlife Preservation Canada’s lead biologist, Sarah Mackell. Together, they explore how Sarah’s team is working to protect Canada’s rapidly declining bumble bee populations.

About a quarter of bumble bee species are decreasing, primarily due to rising temperatures, pesticides, and parasites. Yet these super-pollinators are critical to growing the foods we eat. In Off Limits: Breeding Bees, viewers are introduced to a pioneering new approach to saving these iconic creatures from mass extinction. Learn how scientists are working to catch, feed, breed, and, ultimately, release bumble bees back into the wild.  

This video is part of CAGIS’ special anniversary series which takes viewers on STEM adventures to see cool places, learn new skills, and meet amazing STEM role models. Hosted by Dr. Larissa, Founder & President of CAGIS, the series also aims to expose viewers to women and gender diverse STEM professionals. Stereotypical images of STEM professionals play a strong role in shaping children’s perceptions and interest in entering STEM fields. Fortunately, research has shown that providing children and teens with diverse role models, such as those featured in Off Limits, has a powerful impact.

Off Limits: Breeding Bees can be watched on CAGIS’ YouTube channel at