No Lab? No Problem! Canadian Association of Girls in Science Address Need for Virtual STEM Learning With New National Membership Program

Toronto, ON – August 19, 2020 – The Canadian Association for Girls in Science (CAGIS) are over-the-moon excited to introduce CAGIS Virtual – an interactive online membership program for girls and gender non-binary folks, age 7 to 16, across Canada. CAGIS Virtual features weekly one-hour live events with STEM experts from around the country.  Together, members will learn and explore hands-on activities in all areas of STEM.   

“CAGIS events have been at the core of our organization’s function since our inception in 1992.  When Covid-19 became a concern, we knew we had to pivot quickly to ensure we could engage and sustain our member’s interest,” says Dr. Larissa Vingilis-Jaremko, founder and president. “After months of running a program call CAGIS At Home, we knew that a virtual model could also be engaging if you combined all the right ingredients – renowned experts, exciting activities, and a willingness to open our homes to discovery.”

CAGIS Virtual members will participate in up to 28 live events throughout the year.  These weekly one-hour events take place most Saturdays at 11 am ET (ages 7-12) and 1 pm ET (ages 11 to 16) from September to June.  Starting this fall, members will learn all about mobile app development, DNA extraction (yes – at home!), the science of chocolate, and so much more!

“Children are natural scientists.  They instinctively explore and regularly ask questions like ‘why?’ and ‘how?’ And we’re seeing this more and more as they are faced with understanding the world around them, through this pandemic and beyond,” adds Dr. Vingilis-Jaremko.  “While the school’s curriculum is certainly a great starting point, building literacy in STEM is increasingly important to function in today’s society.  We’re so thrilled to offer this accessible option to further enhance STEM learning for girls and non-binary youth age 7 – 16.”