Start a Chapter

CAGIS chapters are run by groups of volunteers who meet regularly to plan monthly events for their members.

CAGIS coordination teams are made up of diverse groups of volunteers including post-secondary students, STEM professionals, parents, high school students, teachers, and more.

CAGIS provides training, mentorship, and oversight of new and continuing chapters. CAGIS also provides membership administration and other support.

CAGIS has two types of chapters:

  • City based chapters
    – hold events for girls who live in or near a particular city
    – are open to girls within the region would like to be members
    – often hold events at the workplace of the presenter and sometimes at rooms the chapter books at a local university, college, library, or community centre
  • Community based chapters
    – hold events for a particular group of girls who are part of a certain community
    – are open to girls who are part of that community
    – often hold events within their community space and sometimes meet at the workplace of the presenter
    – examples include chapters that are formed in a school, a community centre, or for a particular community within a wider region

If you are interested in starting a CAGIS chapter, please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, please email us at