CAGIS is a club for girls aged 7 to 16 that explores science, technology, trades, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) with fun, hands-on activities.

CAGIS Virtual Membership ($200/year + $50/sibling/year)
• Includes invitations to 24-28 virtual events per year*
• Weekly events take place most Saturdays at 11 am ET (ages 7-12) and 1 pm ET (ages 11-16)
• Each event is 1 hour
• Events are led by a STEM expert and a certified teacher
• Events include an introduction, a hands-on activity, and time for questions at the end
*a single event costs $16 for non-members

CAGIS Chapter Membership ($50/year; $20/sibling/year)
• Includes invitations 8-10 local events per year**
• Events take place on select evenings and weekends
• All events are led by CAGIS volunteers and STEM experts**
**All chapter events are virtual for the 2020/21 season. Please email us for more information on your local chapter.

CAGIS Combined Membership ($235/year; $70/sibling/year)
• Includes invitations to all CAGIS Virtual and CAGIS Chapter events

Fees can be paid all at once or in instalments throughout the year.

If you would like to join CAGIS but cannot because of financial hardship, please email us to inquire about waived membership fees.