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COVID-19 Health and Safety Protocols
for In-Person CAGIS Events

Your health and safety is our priority.  Prevalence of COVID-19 remains high and it can cause serious long-term health consequences.  CAGIS Local Clubs will be following a variety of procedures to reduce the spread of COVID-19 at in-person events.


All attendees will register for in-person CAGIS events in advance. This includes members, volunteers, coordinators, event hosts, and attending parents/guardians.   


Prior to each event, CAGIS will send a COVID-19 self-screening questionnaire to registrants. All attendees will need to pass the self-screening questionnaire on the day of the event, prior to attending. Anyone who has tested positive for COVID in the past 14 days may not attend the event.  


Attendees will be expected to wear a mask covering the nose and mouth at in-person events. Participants may use their own mask or one provided to them. 


We will have hand washing and/or hand sanitizer available at events.

Limiting Capacity

For indoor events, we will be limiting capacity to 50% of the posted fire occupancy load limits. 

Event Spaces

We will be holding events outdoors when possible. If an event is indoors, we will be selecting the most well-ventilated space possible at that location. We will improve ventilation by opening windows/doors, and/or adding portable air filtration units.

Changes to these Guidelines

These guidelines may be updated if circumstances change. CAGIS will communicate any changes to these protocols with members and volunteers on the CAGIS website and in an email to families.