We are surrounded by science, technology, trades, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in our current knowledge-based society. Having literacy in STEM is becoming increasingly important to function, from decoding fact from fiction in the media to having the skills to be competitive on the job market.

Children are natural scientists; they instinctively explore the world and regularly ask questions like “Why?” and “How?”. They also do experiments through play to learn how the world works, including taking things apart, dropping things, building things, mixing things, and more. Kids’ natural way of playing is a form science and experimentation.

Sometimes kids become turned off STEM as they get older because of pressures in school and/or stereotypes they encounter in society. Other kids love STEM but aren’t able to experience as much as they would like in their classrooms. These challenges can affect girls more than boys (see Research page to learn more).

CAGIS takes STEM out of the classroom and facilitates interest with fields trips and fun, hands-on activities.