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Off Limits

Go behind the scenes to exciting locations and meet amazing STEM role models in our latest YouTube video series! 

Off Limits: Operating Canadarm2

What’s the biggest tool in an astronaut’s toolbox? Meet Canadarm2, one of Canada’s most recognizable contributions to space exploration! 

This episode of Off Limits takes you behind-the-scenes with Canadian Space Agency mission controller, Danielle Cormier. Watch as she trains Dr. Larissa on how to operate the same piece of equipment astronauts use to build and repair the International Space Station!

Meet our Off Limits: Winter Lab STEM Challenge Winners

Congratulations to Grace (age 11) and Valini (age 13) for winning our latest STEM Challenge. Grace and Valini watched Off Limits: Winter Lab to find out how winter footwear is tested and rated in an indoor frozen lab! Then they put their STEM skills to the test to find out what materials stick best to a block of ice. They will both receive a prize pack valued at $60 and generously donated by the Telus World of Science Edmonton. 

Watch their winning entries below!

Grace’s winning entry in the 7-11 age category.

Valini’s winning entry in the 12-16 age category

Off Limits: Winter Lab

Did you know that you can create winter indoors? Biomedical engineer, Dr. Sophia Li takes you into her sub-zero lab at the KITE Research Institute where she creates treacherous, icy conditions to test and rate winter boots.

Want to find out if your boots pass the test? Visit to check if your footwear makes the grade. 

 Off Limits: Hunting Microbes

Microbes live in extreme conditions, telling us a lot about what it takes to survive on Earth, and beyond. But how can we detect something too small to be seen with the naked eye? Join Dr. Larissa and microbiologist, Dr. Jackie Goordial, as they hunt for microbes in this edition of Off Limits.

 Off Limits: Heavy Machines

Get ready to move some dirt! We are taking you behind the scenes to a giant sandbox! Learn how to operate construction equipment alongside Dr. Larissa and STEM role model, Maiya Glasser. 

 Off Limits: Fighting Fire

How do firefighters train and learn to put out fires? Dr. Larissa faces the flames head-on with firefighter, Cheryl Hunt, at the Ottawa Fire Training Centre. Can you handle the heat?

 Off Limits: The “Mars Yard”

Join scientist host, Dr. Larissa, as she explores the “Mars Yard” with CSA robotics engineer and STEM role model, Chantelle Dubois. Watch as Chantelle introduces viewers to Juno, a lunar rover prototype that will open a new era in Canadian space exploration. 

This project is supported by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC).