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CAGIS logo

The CAGIS Logo: Then and Now

Back in 1999, CAGIS ran a nation-wide logo design contest. We received tons of entries that were sent to us by postal mail from across Canada.  Then, we narrowed the entries down to our top 10 and invited CAGIS members from across the country to vote for their favourite.

The winner was 9-year-old year Vania Scekic from the CAGIS club in Burnaby, British Columbia! Her design combined vibrant space-age letters with graphic references to STEM fields. She captured the fun of CAGIS adventures and we have proudly used her logo design, shown above, for the last 22 years!

Check out this “What’s Up CAGIS” column in the summer 2000 issue of YES Mag, a science magazine for youth 7 to 14. 

Yes Magazine clipping

You can see a photograph of Vania’s hand-drawn design here.  

The original winning design for CAGIS logo designed by 9 year old girl in 2000

We made a slight update to the logo in 2013, as you can see here.

CAGIS logo

Now, as we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we are making some gentle updates to reflect changing times and new media. Our logo must be as easy to read on a cell phone as a billboard, and work both in colour and black and white. We consulted with designers, teen ambassadors, and the CAGIS community, and everyone agrees that our new logo should keep the feel and the flavour of the original. 

We listened and have finally come up with a new version. A scientist might say, “it is a change, but not a paradigm shift.” We hope you like it!

Drum roll, please…