Halifax-March-2023 – Canadian Association for Girls In Science (CAGIS)
Girl doing robotics

Are you a maker who wants to make a difference in your community? Did you know that over 80% of people with disabilities use an assistive device, and at least 27% need one more? Try your hand at soldering to create an electronic switch.  No past electronics experience necessary!  At this event, CAGIS is partnering with Makers Making Change to create assistive technology devices that will be given to those who need them most.

This event is for girls, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming youth.

Date: Saturday March 18, 2023                         

Time: 12:00 – 2:00 pm

Place: Halifax, NS. Register to receive exact location details.

Register for ages 11-16: Click here. For non-CAGIS members: A guardian is required to stay for the event and must also register: Click here.

  • Participants who are CAGIS members are not required to have a parent/guardian stay for the event. 
  • The age ranges listed for these events are guidelines. If siblings in different age groups are interested in attending, you may choose to register them, even if they do not fall within the recommended age range for the session.  

Registration Deadline: March 17, 2023

Please review our COVID-19 protections here.