code in python CAGIS session poster
CALLING ALL CODERS! We’re Coding with imagiLabs

CAGIS is thrilled to offer another exciting event with our partners at imagiLabs. They’ve created a smart accessory charm with a pixel matrix that can be coded using Python.  We will use the imagiLabs Learning Hub to create cool animations on a charm emulator. No coding experience necessary!  If you’ve done a session with imagiLabs before, you’re still welcome to join in and challenge yourself with more complex projects.

This special event takes place on Sunday, May 23,  and it’s free and open to all but pre-registration is required. 

For participants age 8 to 12 at 11:00 am est click here to register.

For participants age 12 to 16 at 1:00 pm est click here to register.

What you’ll need: We recommend joining the Zoom call on your computer or chromebook, and using a mobile device for coding.  Download the imagiLabs app on the App Store or Google Play if you have a mobile device.  If you don’t, you can code using the website version.  In either case, before the session, create your free account and make note of your login name and password.